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Adam Silver who?

I design (and code) simple and inclusive digital services, products and websites. My superhero power is fighting complexity at every turn.

For more than 15 years I've done this for Tesco, BBC, Argos, Boots, Just Eat, News Corp, Selfridges, The Financial Times, T-Mobile, the Department for Work and Pensions and others too.

I believe that design is a team sport. The best experiences are produced by multi-disciplinary and diverse teams. I love working with others to help them avoid my past mistakes, learn from theirs and ultimately, to design for users' needs (real problems).

I've written two books:

  1. Form Design Patterns, published by Smashing Magazine in 2018, is a practical guide to designing inclusive and simple forms.
  2. MaintainableCSS, written in 2016, is about crafting modular and maintainable interfaces with CSS.

When I am not doing this, you'll find me running, playing tennis and spending time with my family.

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