About me

I love taking complex design problems and turning them into simple and accessible products.

My aim is to make them so simple that you can fire your entire customer support team.

That won’t happen of course, but what I do guarantee is that your product will be more efficient, simpler, faster and easier to use.

My work covers user journeys, navigation, forms and content. I can see the big picture as well as the small details.

I do this by:

  1. Being pragmatic
  2. Discovering user needs
  3. Challenging assumptions
  4. Creating prototypes for testing
  5. Working with devs to get things into production

I’ve been building and designing products for 20+ years. I’ve worked for Tesco, BBC, Just Eat, The Financial Times and GOV.UK.

I wrote Form Design Patterns

I wrote down everything I know about form design into one beautiful book published by Smashing Magazine.

Check it out

Form design patterns book cover. Photo taken by Graham Veal

Want to know a bit more?

When I’m not working, I play tennis and spend time with my fam.

You can email me at adam@adamsilver.io.