3 little rules for good team communication

Bad communication creates more work and more stress.

Good communication creates less work and less stress.

So I thought I’d jot down 3 little rules for good team communication:

1. If you have a thing, show the thing

When I’m in a meeting and someone is describing a thing, I find it really hard to understand things.

But if someone is showing the thing they’re describing at the same time it’s so much easier.

The thing could by anything. For example, it could be:

  • a user story
  • a problem from research
  • a prototype you want feedback on

So if you have a thing, then show the thing.

2. Avoid real time meetings, aim for async communication

Look for ways to avoid meetings. Because unless you record (and edit) or take really good notes, then you’ll need follow up meetings to discuss the same thing again.

Meetings also only help people that were there at that time. And some people prefer having time to think before responding.

Where you can, write things down, share a Google Doc, or record a mini show and tell. This way people can collaborate asynchronously, in the their own time.

3. Discuss the thing in context of the thing

Where possible put the discussion on the thing being discussed.

Discussing a Github PR - put it on the PR.

Discussing a Trello card - put it on the card.

This helps understand what’s being discussed and means the discussion doesn’t get lost in email or chat.